Diocese of Hamilton

Basic Search with Limit By

The 'Limit By' will allow you to narrow down the focus of your Basic Search terms, and their results. For example, you might only be interested in retrieving DVDs that match your search. If so, you can select Resource Type equals DVDs and then continue with the Basic Search.

You can change the words that you and leave the 'Limit By' condition(s) to point the search toward other materials but limit the results in the same way. 

With the mouse, click on the various visual component to build the limit(s) that you would like the search to use:


The result should resemble the following:


This will limit your search and retrieve only DVDs that match your search text.

To add another 'Limit By' criteria, you can press the + key to the right of the 'And', proceeding in accordance with the above instructions to select the field, the comparison and the value that you wish to limit the search by:


Click the X to close the 'Limit By' panel.

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The Bishop Farrell Library & Archives is open to the public in order to facilitate and promote a greater understanding of Catholic faith and history. The Library collection provides easy access to titles on topics such as marriage, parenting, liturgy, scripture, prayer, social justice, and vocations. The Library is open to ALL!

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